Sunday, July 15, 2012

Be in the Moment

This weekend, we took Flanna to Stone Mountain to see the laser show (with fireworks!).   Lots of our friends and family joined us there, and it was a great time!  Flannery was so happy getting to play with so many cousins and good friends--they laughed and laughed together!                                                                  And even though a lot of the time, I was scouring the crowd to be sure Flanna was safe and close by, I made a point to try to be in the moment here and there, and soak up the good time spent together.  And in those little moments, I felt so grateful.   Good friends.  Good family.  A wonderful husband.  A sweet little daughter.  Health, and love.  Life is indeed beautiful.  

How do you remind yourself to take in the moments in your life?

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