Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Funny Flanna Quotes

Cutest kid ever.  Notice the cool forearm tattoos.  
Taking a walk down our street:
Me:  "I think I hear a truck."
Flanna:  "Either a truck, or a really loud tummy rumbling!

"I think I'm gonna marry a prince, and Luke, AND Dexter.  Because I just can't choose one of them, and Dexter says it's okay to marry two people if you want."

To our neighbor down the street, who has just invited us to supper sometime:  "My Grammie calls it supper, too, but we just call it dinner."

On vacation on Anna Maria Island:  "Can we just move here?  You could find jobs here, and I think they have a school for me."

On the elevator going down to the basement at my work:  "That made my legs feel dizzy!"

At the laser show (Listening to the "Devil went down to Georgia" song) -- "Is the devil really real?"

Fighting with her cousin over a toy (I had told them they could earn points  on a behavior chart toward going to a water park if they shared with one another)--  "OK, you can have it.  But only because I want to go to the water park tomorrow."  

In the car:  "Mom, did God ever get married?"

At dinner:  "I'm gonna mix cherries and basil.  No one's ever invented that before!  And people will come to my restaurant and order it, and I'll serve it to them, and then they'll say, mmmmmm!"  

What made you laugh today?

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