Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tiny Dancers: Share a Family Tradition

Flanna and her cousin participated in a ballet camp last week, and they had a mini-recital yesterday.  Robi and I had to work, but Flanna's Grammie and my sister went and took pics for us.   Warning:  there are serious amounts of adorability to follow!

My sister and I took dance together as kids for many, many years, and I remember summer dance camps as being really wonderful experiences.  It was so nice to get to pass that experience down to our girls, and especially neat that they could be in the same class for the camp.  Yet another perk of living near the fam!  I've found in doing my happiness project that sharing and creating family traditions brings me real joy, and I hope dance camp can become a regular part of the girls' summers from now on.

This one's my favorite!

What traditions do you want to pass on to another generation?

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