Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cousins, Cousins, Everywhere

Playing Wii with the boys
We've had such fun getting to spend time with our extended family these past few weeks.  Flannery just loves all of her cousins.  Even the big burly boy ones!  (Who happen to be really sweet and gentle with her, actually!)

We had a game night last week with Robi's cousins, and a birthday party on Saturday with my cousins.  Flannery's gotten to experience so many new things with all these cousins--from playing new Wii games, to making dominoes lines to knock down, to riding motor-powered little trikes, to having home-made ice cream.  What a joy it is to have these fun times with our family.


She figured out how to "drive" pretty quickly!

My cute hubby with the kids.

Happy birthday to Hailey!

Who did you spend endless hours with as a child?  Isn't easy to be back with them again?  This is the beauty of old friendships and family, I think--the ease with which we can just comfortably hang out together again. 

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