Monday, July 25, 2011

Be Creative

When I was sitting in the waiting room at the children's hospital last week convinced that Flannery had broken her arm, I told her all about casts, and how once you get a cast, it's really fun, because all your friends get to sign their name on it and decorate it.  Flannery was excited about the possibility of getting a cast.  She wanted a blue one, and she wanted to glue sparkles to it.  

So when the doctor told us that the arm wasn't in fact broken, but was only sprained, my poor, sweet, Flannery seemed a little dejected.  A little disappointed.  

"I wanted a cast..."  she whimpered in a tiny whisper to me.  

So, I assured her that we could glue sparkles onto a sling.  That we could decorate a sling.  That we could sign our names on it if she wanted.  

Which helped a bit.  

The next day, we got out the sparkly fabric paint and some fancy gems.  Because sometimes you just have to do something crafty to cheer up the sad girl with the non-broken arm.  :)

Did you ever break a bone as a kid?

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