Thursday, July 7, 2011


 Last weekend, we spent a gorgeous 4th of July weekend at the beach with my parents, my sister, my niece, and our little family.  It was such a nice time together as an extended family, and it brought back so many memories of other times spent together there at the beach.

For instance, when Flannery was about 2, we visited the beach with my family, and sitting around the breakfast table, we mentioned that we were going to head to the beach later.  We weren't even sure that Flannery was paying attention to the conversation, but she perked up when she heard that, closed her hands into excited little fists, and squealed,  "The beeeeeeach!"

Now, every time we're at the beach, we remember that cute moment.  My niece brought it up in the car on our ride down to the ocean, and we all couldn't help but laugh.

Those little family "inside" jokes help us feel connected.  And reminiscing helps, too.

We spent some time reminiscing during our long drive.  We found a few old home videos stashed in our DVD wallet, and the girls watched them on the car DVD.  They were so sweet in their carseats in the back seat-- cracking up, holding hands, smiling, and just generally bonding over those adorable little videos from years past.


It's easy to do in some settings (like being back home where I grew up!, or on vacation at our favorite beach!), and it really does give me a little happiness boost.

What happy memories can you call to mind to lift your spirits this summer?

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