Saturday, July 23, 2011

Experience Nature: The Amazing Bug Catchers

the tiniest lizard ever!
Flanna's Grammie got her a bug box in the spring, and she has just fallen in love with bugs since then!  Her favorites are roley poleys (sp?).   She found a tiny lizard on the back porch the other day, and she kept it in her bug catcher for a few hours before we released it.  She even caught a little bug to feed to the lizard all on her own!

Then, on Wednesday, the girls caught a butterfly.  They made it a nice little habitat with flowers and leaves and kept it for about 30 minutes so they could observe it a bit.  They were so gentle and careful with the butterfly, and I was really proud of their empathy toward it.

When we're all feeling grumpy and stressed and tired and grouchy, just going outside can really lift our mood.  But going outside AND interacting with tiny creatures--now that just makes us plain giddy.

the butterfly in its cozy habitat

searching for bugs

on a mission to find nice bugs

Poor Flanna - this was the day after she sprained her arm, and it still hurt anytime it moved.  

How are you going to experience nature this weekend?

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