Friday, July 8, 2011

Experience Nature

I had the sweetest little moment this evening.

After work, Flanna and I had dropped by my friend's house (where we're  keeping all of our boxes and furniture until we find our place) to pick up a princess dress from among our packed boxes.  (Apparently I was severely mistaken to think that Flanna could go 6 weeks without her princess dresses.)

Annnyway, we thought we'd check to see if the horses were around so we could see them and pet them a bit.  (There's a barn with 2 horses behind the house.)  We called to the horses with our clicky little noises, and both horses--one dark brown, one light brown (am I revealing how little I know about horses?)-- came eagerly to the fence.  I wasn't sure how calm or gentle they were, so I pet them a bit at first to see if they were gentle enough for Flannery.  And, oh, my!  They were so calm and sweet!

Flannery pet the light brown horse for so long that the horse actually closed her eyes, lay her head atop the fence, and seemed to be falling asleep while we were petting her.  It was such a peaceful moment of connection, and just a completely different world from the traffic and craziness of earlier that day.  I think Flannery and I both breathed more deeply.

Time spent in nature is restorative.  Is beautiful.  Is good for us.  Is a real gift.

And I'm thankful for it.

How can you experience nature this weekend?

Oh,  by the way, if you want to see some adorable pictures, just google "horse nose."  Who knew horse noses were so photogenic?


  1. Ba-ba (like Ah-hah but with B's, not like apple) is the "light-brown" one. Isn't she splotchy though, with white splotches as well as reddish-tan ones? I thought she was a Paint. She's older and calmer. And the dark brown one is a Thoroughbred (which confuses me as a concept, but whatever) named Maggie. She's actually a rescue, can you imagine?

    I'm glad they were nice! I knew they would be! Maybe next time Barbara will be around to show off her riding.

    Strawberry whispered to me (transcontinentally) that she was "quite jealous of all the attention. Hmmph."

  2. Oh, yay, now we know the names! Ba-ba & Maggie. And yes, a Paint and a Thoroughbred sound much more appropriate. I would've never guessed that Maggie was a rescue--she was very calm and gentle (although not as adorably sleepy). :) And, oh, I feel bad about Strawberry now. :(