Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Funny Flanna Quotes

Here are some funny things I can remember from this week. There are so many I miss because I don't write them down! Hope you enjoy!

Looking at paintings at Robi's grandmother's house:
Me: Look, Flannery, Nana painted all of these paintings. She's an artist!
Flanna: My fairy godmother's an artist, too.
Me: Who?
Flanna: You know...Dana. (Dana, Flanna's godmother, is an artist! Just not a fairy! :) )

Riding in the car:
Flanna: Mom, when are Padme & Annie gonna have babies?
Me: Sweetie, they can't have babies. We had them fixed, because they're not breeding dogs.
Flanna: You mean it's hard for them to breathe when they have babies?

Driving back from my niece's birthday party. It's dark out, and we're up much later than normal.
Flanna: Look, it's dark! I see the moon!
Me: Yeah, we don't get to see the moon a lot, because you're usually in bed before it gets too dark.
Flanna: Yeah, but why did we stay up til it's dark today?
Me: Because we had a special occasion. Sometimes we stay up late when it's a special occasion.
Flanna: That's right. This IS a special vacation, so we can stay up late and see the moon!
Me: It's a Special OCcassion.
Flanna: Uhhuh, a special VA-cation. I know, mom.

That kid cracks me up.

What made you laugh so far this week?

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