Saturday, August 28, 2010

Schedule Some Fun

It sounds silly, but sometimes our family is so busy we forget to save time for plain old fun.

But not today!

This morning, we woke up early and took the train into Raleigh. Yay for Amtrak! It was Flannery's first time on a real passenger train. Then we spent the day in Raleigh exploring the Museum of Natural Science and Marbles Kids Museum. Marbles was the bit hit of the day, a really wonderful place for Flanna's imagination to burst into high gear. She seemed to have a marvelous time, and really, so did we parents! There was a cool jump rope troupe performing at the Marbles museum, too, which was really exciting!

We were so glad that we "scheduled" some fun for ourselves this weekend. What a nice day together as a family. Hopefully the fun memories will sustain us in the next few weeks as Robi travels and I juggle full time work while Flanna figures out how full-time school works.

Does fun just naturally happen for your whole family, or do you also have to mark it onto the calendar?

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