Thursday, August 5, 2010

Have Fun Together

Today after work, Flanna and I made play dough birthday cakes, with real birthday candles. We lit the candles and (very carefully, I promise!) sang happy birthday to her dolls, and Flanna made a beautiful meal of pretend pizza and lettuce from her play kitchen. She set the table, and brought out chairs, plates, cups, and a pretend piece of birthday cake for everyone at the table.

Then she helped me shuck real corn for our real dinner. That kids' got some muscle! Corn shucking isn't easy!

What a nice way to end the day. I need to find some more meals that are fun for her to help prepare.

And to eat.

A while back, I taught her how to eat corn on the cob like a typewriter (yes, I realize she has no idea what a typewriter is!). It's so cute to see her eat a huge ear of corn in 3 minutes flat, saying, "Ding!" every time she eats from one end of the ear to the other. That's the way my grandpa used to eat it, and it's fun to carry on that silly tradition. If only I knew a trick like that for broccoli.

How do you bring fun to everyday events like cooking and eating dinner?

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  1. Here's the trick for broccoli: don't serve broccoli. :-) Soooo over-rated. I remember when my mom got cancer the first time, she said "well, I'm never eating broccoli again." It was supposed to be such a miracle food, but it was all lies! You're doing way better with the baby spinach. And you can always make that fun by telling her the story of how we thought she was going to be a mini-Popeye when she was a baby. Steroids, spinach - what's the difference?