Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Love

This weekend, I threw a baby shower for my sweet friends (aka, Flannery's godparents), who just adopted the cutest little baby boy in the world. It was so wonderful to get to see all my old friends from Georgia, and to get to hold a tiny wiggly baby for a bit! But the best thing was to get to see my friends, who've been waiting and praying for this little guy for quite some time now, in their new roles as parents. And really comfortable parents, at that.

Flanna is in love with babies right now, and asks constantly for a little brother or sister. I mean, constantly. So she was in heaven when we let her "hold" him.

And then we flew back home to Durham. The first flight that I think Flannery might actually remember. (She's flown twice, but was really small then.) She kept saying, "I've never ever been up so high, mama!" and flirting with the college aged girls sitting in the row behind us. And she played paper dolls during the trip, which were a big hit. (Thanks, Grammie!)

And now we're home, and what a peaceful home it is. I think I'll go take a bubble bath and go to bed early now.

What's your favorite thing about brand new babies? I just love their curled up toes, and the wrist rolls on the little chubby ones!


  1. I don't like babies as a general rule, but I felt like commenting on the one exception to the rule which is FLANNERY! Maybe there's still hope out there for me yet. My favorite thing about her was that she was alive and so were you. Everything else just felt like gravy.

  2. I know, our health was such a gift during that scary time! And how can you say you don't like babies!? It's like someone saying they don't like dogs. Just crazy talk. :)

  3. Nah, it's more like saying someone doesn't like small pox. ;-) They can't talk, they cry, their faces are all wrinkled and old-man-ish, they drool, they poop the grossest poop on earth, they can't sleep but they have to sleep or they'll cry more, they can't even swallow right so you have to burp them, they can sufficate themselves just by sleeping, they could die instantly from SIDS, they suck on your boob - or they don't suck on your boob, and the La Leche people visit you with pitchforks, AND they do all of this nonstop while you recover from the delivery. If there was some way to make babies stay in there for another 3 months and learn how to survive like other animals do, that would be great. Tell me, what other animal takes up to a year out of the womb to learn how to WALK! However, all of that said, Flannery is my favorite of this disgusting species that we all belonged to at one point - but I like her way better as a toddler. ;-)