Friday, January 13, 2012

My Little Helper

Back in November with my mother-in-law.  Cute!
Flannery has been all about helping in the kitchen lately, from making her daddy's birthday cake, to making hot tea, to making macaroni and cheese, to helping with making lemonade.  I've been really impressed by how she'll stick with me throughout so many steps these days!  And she seems to get such a sense of accomplishment from helping.  Today, while she was stirring in the butter and milk, she said,  "I'm actually really making my own mac and cheese!"

She helped with every step along the way for making, frosting, and adding (gazillions of) sprinkles to her daddy's birthday cake.  And tonight, she even helped him blow out the candles!  (Happy birthday to Robi!)

The best part is that when she's helping me in the kitchen, we get to wear our matching aprons that my mother-in-law gave us back in November.  Seriously, those matching aprons might just win the prize for the "most adorable while still being useful" gift of the year.

How can you involve the children in your life more in chores and household tasks?  


  1. Didn't Daisy makes those aprons? Great pic. Having a child who loves to cook is a huge blessing. Please send me that pic when you have time. Love you always.

  2. Wow, isn't that an awesome shot of some beautiful girl/ladies.