Monday, January 2, 2012

Take in the Beauty

I've said before here that taking photos makes me appreciate the beauty all around me a bit more.  But, really, folks.  Taking photos?  Makes me appreciate the beauty all around me.

Take, for instance, the amazing and wonderful New Year's Day party my friends Kirsten and Ben threw yesterday.  It was altogether a grand experience--good food, great friends, fun for the kids, outside where we could experience nature--all kinds of relaxing goodness.

But because I happened to have my camera in hand, I think I got to notice so many tiny beautiful moments that maybe not everyone else at the party was able to see.  Like a quiet tiny girl with wispy hair gathering pecans.  And a boy wielding a stick rather gracefully.  And sweet toddlers hugging their mama's legs before they ventured out toward the band of older kids.  And the bliss of being about to slide.  And also, grown ups enjoying their conversation.  Grown ups staring at fires.  Grown ups catching babies before they fell, without even thinking about it.   Just a protective instinct.

The Weepies sing, "All this beauty, you might have to close your eyes.  And slowly open wide."  And it's so true.

So, happy, happy New Year!  Enjoy each little moment of 2012!

How do you remind yourself to be in the moment, and to take in the good parts of your life?

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