Thursday, January 5, 2012

Experience Art

On Tuesday, I took the day off from work to celebrate my birthday, and my mom, Flannery, and I spent the day together.  We shopped at Ikea a bit, had lunch, and then went to the High Museum of Art.  Flanna was a good sport at the High, even though walking quietly through crowds of quiet adults staring at walls was probably not the most kid-friendly activity ever.  She  kept pulling me here and there to "show" me different exhibits, and seemed to like the large sculptures best.

Flanna being wholly unimpressed by Warhol

us being silly in front of a self portrait of Andy Warhol
(who Flanna kept calling "Andy Warthog")  :)

an amazing mirrored bowl that casts sound waves backwards quite a distance

Flanna's reflection in the giant bowl

studying a cool ocean/constellation piece

our reflection in the "random pieces of glass stacked against the wall" exhibit.
Needless to say, I quickly ushered my 5 year old through this highly breakable exhibit!

The "Marsupial" piece:  a representation of a kangaroo pouch turned on its side

Grainger McKoy's bird sculptures were truly amazing.  I think this was the most interesting exhibit that day.  

Flanna & her grandma with a Picasso

Flanna paying more attention to the duct tape on the floor
 (which she practiced walking on in a straight line) than the Picasso paintings above.  

Flanna was not a fan of Piet Mondrian

Flanna quoting her Olivia book, "I could do that in about 5 minutes."  beside a Jackson Pollock painting

Some of the more quirky pieces we saw included a sculpture made of chewing gum and plastic fake flowers, several animal sculptures by Howard Finster (whose paintings I love, but I didn't realize he did sculpting as well), and a huge canvas of funny looking naked people dancing in a circle (maybe by Matisse?).  Flanna said, "Those people don't have any clothes!"  

It was a busy day, and at one point, I wondered if it was crazy to try to do so much in one day, but in the end, I'm so glad we went.  Art makes me feel happy and calm and connected to the world in a deeper way, which is just what I needed on my birthday.  

What type of art lifts your spirits? Paintings, sewing, music?   I've made a resolution to listen to more music that I love this year, because I think I underestimate just how much music makes a difference in my mood.  

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  1. Flanna quoting her Olivia book, "I could do that in about 5 minutes." beside a Jackson Pollock painting--Rolling at this!!!