Sunday, September 4, 2011

Root for a Team

cute cousins

We took the girls to a Braves game on Friday.  It was Flannery's first baseball game ever, and we went to see her cousin sing the national anthem along with her school choir.  The choir did a beautiful job singing, and I got all teary-eyed watching them!  

The funny thing was, that although Flanna had never even heard of the Braves until that day, she was instantly a passionate fan, cheering, chanting, and dancing in the stands.  She said her favorite part was the Tomahawk Chop, where everyone in the crowd chants together and waves their arms like a chopping tomahawk.  I think that rooting for a team together is such a sweet bonding experience, and the girls felt such empathy for the players when they missed a hit or were out.  It really made me think about how belonging to a team can bring us happiness despite winning or losing.  Just being together and rooting together for a common goal is fun.  

Unfortunately, the Braves lost the game.  Boo!  But we left early, while we were still in the lead.  And really, I doubt the loss would've shaken our team spirit, anyway!

We got to "walk the bases" (a.k.a. walk around the edge of the field) before the national anthem.

intently watching the game

Do you root for any teams?  And if so, do you think it adds to your happiness?

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