Sunday, September 25, 2011

Matchy Matchy

The girls feel so special when they match.  So, we try to get matching outfits for them for certain occasions.  I think it promotes in them a feeling of belonging, which these "only children" need now and then.  Plus, now it's a little "family tradition," and you know how family traditions make me happy!

These dresses were for my niece's 8th birthday party.  Soooooo cute, right?

looking for frogs in the pond

What do you think about families wearing matching clothes?  Too cheesy for you, or do you think it helps promote a spirit of belonging?


  1. My sister and I LOVED to get matching outfits when we were little. We didn't get them very often, but when we did we'd wear holes in them in the same places doing the same things together in them.

  2. That's really sweet, Heather!