Monday, September 12, 2011

Create an Outdoor Nook

I find again and again when I'm trying to get my daughter involved in play, that when she has a cozy little "nook" in which to play, she sticks with activities for much longer.  She just loves little spaces all her own where she can nestle in and feel comfortable.

We just moved to a new place, and I think that indoors at our new home, I've created a lot of little nooks for Flanna, but outdoors, we really haven't done much.  So, recently when her cousin was visiting, I decided to break out our tent (the one we actually use for camping) to create a little outside nook for them.  They helped me set up the poles and stake the tent to the ground, and they were so proud of their tent when it was ready!  They played in the tent for two days straight, having snacks, pretending to build fires, setting up sleeping bags for every baby doll Flanna owned, and just generally pretending to camp.  What a quick and easy outside "nook" for them, and it really did help engage them in creative play together.
a "fire" the cousins built

What were your favorite "nooks" when you were a child?

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