Thursday, December 6, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

So often these days I feel as if I am playing catch-up with life!  I have so many projects and work stuff and cleaning and organizing to do--and lately, I am not keeping all the balls juggled in the air as well as usual!  So I guess it makes sense that my blog is reflecting that, as well!  I have felt so bad not to post on here so long.  I love being the memory keeper for my family, and this is one of the ways I do that, so I really don't want to let life pass without updating here and there!

We've taken turns being sick here lately, so that is one of the things that has kept me from posting.  Two weeks ago, I had an upper respiratory something-or-other that lasted a full 8 days!  It was awful--I just felt so drained for so long!  Then I started feeling better, and now poor Flannery has come down with I think the same thing!  She has had a high fever for 3 days straight, and I'm praying she'll be well enough to go to school tomorrow!  Poor thing!

Anyway, the biggest thing that has happened since I last posted is that our darling nephew, Abe, was born!  He is such a cutie pie, and I can't wait to get to hold him!  (I was sick when Robi and Flanna visited him so haven't gotten my baby fix yet!)  Anyway, here are a few photos of him with Flanna and Abe's daddy, Chris.

More to come in a bit!  That's the one good thing about staying home with a sick kiddo--I finally had time to upload my photos!  :)

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