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Friday, December 7, 2012

Recognize the Power of Trinkets

the board Flannery broke with her bare hand using Tai Kwon Do (sp?)

So many times, I get flustered by the number of things that Flannery has a sentimental attachment to and wants to keep!  She keeps acorns and a rock collection and random beads that are shiny and paperclips and feathers in her jewelry box!  Sometimes it can drive me crazy!  But the other day, I let her take the camera around the house to take some photos--and besides a hundred blurry photos of Padme, there were some really cute close-ups of some of the items Flanna holds dear.  It was a good reminder to me that some little trinkets really are special, and I need to just let them be-- even if there isn't a really good place for a piece of board that you broke with your bare hands at a Tai Kwon Do birthday party.  I guess we will prop it up by her bed for a while!  :)

A tiny jewelry box Flanna painted and bedazzled with her initials

a foam and sticker creation that hangs on our Xmas tree

What special trinket do you keep just because?

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