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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Share and Create Family Traditions

It makes me so happy to celebrate holiday traditions.  I love creating a sense of stability, routine, and predictability to Flannery's life, and holidays are a nice time to create that.  Our annual "cookie cutter cookie" making day was yesterday, and my BFF from California was able to join us, hooray!  We made my husband's aunt Sharon's recipe, and they turned out beautifully!  It was sweet to see Flannery using so many baking tools -- the cookie cutters, the rolling pins, the icing set.  Hopefully by the time she's out on her own, she'll be a pro and can share this tradition with her friends (and one day her own family!).

Flannery started out in her apron from Grammie

She changed into her ballet outfit (a gift from Kelley!)


testing one!

The finished products!

our Santa and reindeer turned out pretty cute

Flanna wanted us to both pick her up together--kind of hard to do!

What holiday traditions do you keep?  Which ones have you let go?  

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