Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Old Dress!

On Sunday, Flannery wore my old dress to church.  I think this was a dress I wore in kindergarten, if I remember correctly.  I remember loving the little purse that went with it.  I know it's a little Puritan's Pride, but I still thought it was pretty cute on her.  :)

Flannery filled the tiny purse with special sea shells from her Grammie's collection, and she pulled out one shell at a time to look at during church.  She just loves to collect tiny natural things--acorns, sticks, leaves, flowers--she is a collector of "nature," as she says.

So, thanks goes to my mom for saving a few of my favorite clothes.  I think Flannery felt fancy and special wearing a "mom" hand-me-down.

This is her on the porch before church.  What a cutie.

What tiny things did you love as a child?

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