Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Life Stories Connecting at a Single Point in Time

3 families' kiddos playing in the fire hydrant "sprinkler" at Athfest
How we love our friends in Athens!

We visited some friends in Athens this weekend, and were just so blessed to see so many friends who we love dearly!  We gathered at a party, and then spent a bit of time downtown at the Athfest Music Festival, too.  At the party, we saw several friends from out of town that we didn't know would be there.  And at Athfest, we ran into several old friends we didn't expect to see.   It was like an impromptu reunion!

It was so nice to have one weekend where we were able to connect with so many friends from all over the place.  I felt for a moment that this was a single point in time that connected all of our little life stories together.  It was really beautiful. (And yes, I know I'm cheesy!)

It was just so good to see our friends growing in their lives.  Friends who've adopted now happily settling into their new roles as parents.  Friends who've gotten married and are so sweetly in love.  Friends who've finished grad school moving on to exciting new phases of their lives.  Friends whose kids who've grown into high schoolers, and college students even!  Friends who've been accepted to neat grad school programs moving all over the world.  Friends who just got their first pet together as a married couple.  It was sweet to see the life stories of our friends continuing in such beautiful ways all around the globe.

And our story is continuing, too!

My new job is really rather exciting!  I haven't blogged much this past week, because I just had my very first full week of work at the Atlanta Speech School!   I'm working with their professional development team to create an institute for training birth to three daycare teachers on language and literacy.  I'll be doing follow-up coaching for the teachers throughout the school year, too, and will take data on student and teacher progress to see whether the professional development is making a positive difference.  It's exciting work that I'm really passionate about, and I feel very lucky to be a part of it.

Here are some cute photos of our Athens friend-o-rama-reunion experience.  Fun stuff!

Lauren & Jason, moving to England!

Dylan & Flannery people watching

These girls are so grown up now!  They entertained Flanna at the party. 

The newlyweds, Constantine & Sarah!

Stephanos (home from college in Greece!) chatting with my cute hubby

Alex, the new dad!, and Dan, moving to Boston soon!

Flanna and our friends' kids in the sprinkler

Who did you connect with this weekend?


  1. This looks like a really nice place for you to live! I can't wait to hear more!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Ruth! I do think we're going to enjoy GA!