Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Be Creative

Flannery was trying to string some beads onto a thread yesterday, so I looked and looked for our little plastic "jewelry-making" needles, but I just couldn't find them.  (Of course, I found them today in a little container in her pajama drawer.  This is how crazy it gets when we're traveling!)  

Anyway, I had to improvise.  So I wrapped tape around and around the thread until the tape created a flexible little needle to sew with.  

Flannery fashioned a gorgeous necklace for....

who else?!  The dog, Annie! 

I'm not sure Annie loved it, but she did look elegant.  

How have you solved problems creatively this week?


  1. Oh my goodness, I cannot say how much I adore that F made a necklace for Annie. Wait, where's Padame?

  2. I know, wasn't that sweet? Padme is still around, but she's just a little older and less patient with Flannery, so she doesn't get as much attention (or jewelry!) from Flanna! :)