Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apparently I've Always Been Obsessed with Happiness


As I was sorting through the zillions of boxes of memorabilia I've lugged from state to state all these years, I found this neat little book I had made when I was 8 or 9, called "A Little Book of Happyness."  Inside were pictures I had drawn of my whole family, lists of my cousins and friends, and little stories or poems I had written.  

It was pretty much my current blog!  Cute little whimsies about happiness and my life.    

I couldn't believe it.  

Perhaps this interest I have in happiness is deep-rooted, just part of who I am.  Pretty neat, huh?

What parts of your personality have remained the same throughout your lifetime so far?


  1. Read this and thought of you (and me a little too). Pretty cool, huh? Optimism is good for you and might be genetic!,8599,2074067,00.html

  2. Happy from day one on this earth....its just who you are!
    I love you.

  3. Kelley, that was a great article...thanks for the link! Yay for optimism, and pack--because this move is going to be so great!! :) (being optimistic!)

  4. Oh wow! I wrote a book about being healthy and living a long time. I was less than 4th grade old. Hahah. Don't know how I was an expert. I don't have the book, but I remember it had 'keys' that began with the same letter like 'eat your veggies' and 'exercise.' Note sure what else I recommended, maybe wear your sEatbElt and don't do drugs.... Hope your settling in nicely TJ. Miss you!

  5. That's so neat, Laura. I guess our younger selves knew more about our passions in life than we could've guessed! We are settling in well, and so happy to be back near the fam!