Sunday, June 24, 2012

Make the Most of Summer

Last week, I realized that we had only 6 weeks or so of summer left before Flannery starts kindergarten.  Yikes!  It suddenly seemed that summer was passing us by in a blur!

So I made a point to do something fun and summery each day last week.  After work on Monday, I took Flanna over to Stone Mountain hoping to take her to their little petting zoo.  What a surprise I got when I found out that after 4 p.m. on weekdays, the park offers "twilight passes" at a reduced rate.  We got to do much more than I had originally expected!  We toured the plantation and the petting zoo, and also got to ride the train and the sky buckets!  Flanna hadn't ever been to the top of the mountain before, so that was quite a treat.

We had to make some trade-offs to squeeze in the fun.  We grabbed fast food in the car on the way home, and Flanna got to bed later than normal--both things that are not ideal at all!  But it was worth it to have a special summertime experience together.

Flanna used her $5 of spending money to buy a Davy Crocket hat.  :)

Plantation Garden

on the train

in the sky bucket!

on the top of Stone Mountain!

Someone had carved my maiden name in the mountaintop!  (not me, I promise!)

a snack, among the clouds

How are you making the most of your summer, even if you have to work each day like I do?

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  1. That looked like great fun. Loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing your adventures!