Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Join in Your Spouse's Interest

Robi got us tickets to the US vs. Antigua soccer game while we were in Florida for vacation.  It was a rainy but fun evening--thankfully not too cold.  We sat pretty near to the loud American fan section, which was such fun!  By the end of the night, we knew all of the US soccer cheers and chants!  And the best part was -- the US won!

It's funny--I'm not a huge soccer fan, but I really loved rooting for a team together with all the fans, and being a part of the excitement and energy at the stadium.  I'm so glad Flannery and I joined in Robi's interest and went to the game--I hope it will be the first of many games we see as a family!

Waiting inside during a rain delay

Don't the US players look like little sailors down there on the field?  :)

serious about their soccer

Soaked at the end of the game, despite our ponchos!

How can you join in one of your partner's interests?  You may be surprised to find out it's actually great fun!

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