Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Celebrate Love: Robin's Wedding!

My friend Robin got married on Saturday, in a simple and elegant ceremony in Athens.  She was a gorgeous bride, and it was such a gift to get to share in her special day!

My favorite part of the service was when the minister turned to the congregation gathered together to celebrate the happy couple, and asked us:

Will  we support, uplift, and encourage Robin & Paul's marriage?
And not just that, but will we be brave enough to serve as models of real-life happy marriages?
As models of compassion, strength, love, and faith?
But also as models of how to work through brokenness together?  

And looking around the sunny sanctuary that afternoon, I saw old friends, amazing friends, friends from all over the country who had come together for this moment, to be a part of this day.  Friends who have made strong and beautiful choices to live lives of grace and patience.  Friends who have created homes that are a safe-haven for their families.  Friends who nurture creative and thoughtful children, who honor and enjoy their spouses.  Friends who love God and live that.  Friends who have created community despite differences.

Friends who all spoke our promise aloud that day, to Robin and Paul.

Will we support them, encourage them, and uplift them in their marriage?

Together, we all said, "We will."  

Yes, we will.

Flanna and her doll wore matching dresses!

Magnolia -- what a sweet flower girl!

Flanna catching up with her good friend Ori at the reception

the reception was at the Transmet - and the food was delicious!

Beth with our friend Sara's new baby Malcolm

How can you support the marriages of your friends and family members?  Do you need to try to help them see the positive in a certain situation?  Do you need to suggest a good book?  Do you need to let them blow off steam with you first so that they can be clear-headed when having hard discussions with their spouses?   I think this is such an interesting topic and would love to hear what you think!


  1. Great stuff, TJ! Thanks for posting this thoughtful and fun bit. I feel like a handful of pals do exactly what you're asking at the end. I left a great two cds about the specific ways we reflect God as both men and women and left it with Nicole. I think she's going to keep passing them if you'd like to give them a listen.

  2. How cool, Beth! I'll have to borrow those when she's done! It was so good to see you and Keith!!