Sunday, June 24, 2012

Celebrate Traditions: Fathers' Day Fishing Trip

For the past few years, we've taken Robi for a day-long fishing trip every Fathers' Day weekend.  This year, we were lucky enough to be living close to our family, and were able to have a day of fishing with not only Robi, Flanna, and me, but also with Robi's dad (Poppa), brother (Uncle Chris), and sister in law (Aunt Anne).  We met up at Lake Spivey, and the boys fished while the girls swam, read books in the shade, and played in the sand (well, Flanna played in the sand, anyway!).  Flanna fished a bit, but was most interested in the pool.  She is doing so well with swimming this summer--she is careful and cautious but has also been trying to swim more independently and to get her face in the water more often.  She's still not "swimming" on her own per se, but is getting close!  

It was a special Fathers' Day, too, because Chris and Anne are expecting a baby this December!  So, we got Uncle Chris a "dad-to-be" card.  We can't wait for this new little cousin to come!  Flannery is already planning all the fun things she will do with her new baby cousin.  It will be such fun!

Poppa caught some big catfish!

Dock fishing with daddy-o.

Those Ragan boys are so sweet with Flanna. 

Flanna with her Poppa 

Hugs for Uncle Chris

Flanna picked out a card with dachshunds on it, of course.

Flanna sunning by the pool

Poppa treating Flanna to some super jumps

What traditions do you love to keep going?  

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