Thursday, October 31, 2013

Create Something: Halloween Fun!

It's Halloween!

My favorite!

Flannery created a blueprint for our jack-o-lanterns, then transferred her plan over to the pumpkins with Sharpies, then I cut them out.  They turned out cute!  It always makes us happy to create something!  What fun!

And now we can't wait for trick-or-treating!  I bought so much candy--let's hope we get some trick or treaters in our new neighborhood!  (Otherwise, I will gain a thousand pounds because I got the good stuff, hah!)

It was also great fun to create Flanna's "pirate princess" costume! She has a little Halloween parade at her school today and can't wait.

Happy Halloween!

The white pumpkin is a "ghost," and the orange
pumpkin has "bloody vampire fangs."

What have you created this Halloween that has brought you joy?

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