Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How Naming Gifts Saved Me from a Stress-Induced Funk

Today, I was folding clothes, and I found this adorable teal corduroy doll jacket with a bear embroidered on it amidst the socks.  And I named it as a gift and gave thanks for:

#26 - Finding tiny doll clothes in with the laundry. 

Appreciating that tiny jacket made me smile.  Which made me stop worrying for a moment.  (FYI - I'm in the thick of trying to scramble to find after-school care for Flanna with zero notice whatsoever!  Deep breaths, deep breaths. :)  )  Which made me realize how tense my shoulders had been before that.  Which made me realize what a crazy person I am sometimes for getting so wrapped up in the things I can't control.  Which pulled me out of a stress-induced funk.

So, there you have it.

That is how naming gifts saved me today.

What has saved you from a stress induced funk lately?

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