Wednesday, August 21, 2013

11.  her beautiful bedroom suite from
Aunt Kathy & Uncle Mark, & coverlet from Grandma

Flannery's room is coming along.  Just when I think I have it organized, I walk in and everything is all mixed up in a big heap, but her Raggedy Ann doll is teaching school and all of the Barbies are listening and having a snack of pretend food from her kitchen set, and so I really do understand why she needs all of the bins from her closet and under her bed out all at once.

Sometimes I look around at her room and try to take it all in, with her tiny treasures laying around and so many sweet toys and books.  Too soon, I know the toys will be left behind for more grown-up pursuits.  But, ah, for now, they are loved and mixed up and made into messes daily.  And that is a gift.  

12.  How Curious George books get a laugh out of Flanna, even now as she's almost 7. 

13.  Jelly cat (Flanna's favorite gift from when she turned one)
 hanging out in the American Girl doll bathtub. 

14.  The care and precision Flanna took repairing the floor of her Barbie
kitchen, which was damaged in the move, with cute black & white checked duct tape.  

15.  tiny fingers playing with my old Holly Hobby doll house
cast iron stove and wooden table/chair set.

16.  The tiny easel Flannery found and set up in the
Barbie nursery.    

What do you love best about your home, that makes you feel like this is the place you really belong? 

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