Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Taking stock: Resolutions in Review

Happy New Year!  Its that time again--time to evaluate my last year's happiness resolutions!  

My 2012 Happiness Resolutions were:
1.  Exercise More 
2.  Submit some of my therapy activity ideas for publication.
3.  Trick myself into becoming a neat and tidy person somehow.
4.  Call more; write more, visit more.
5.  Breathe more deeply; Go outside more.
6.  Learn something new every month.  

7.  Figure out this baby stuff.

I met 6 out of 7 of these, hooray!  I have exercised more by walking Flanna to school each morning and to the park whenever we can.  I think I've been a tad bit neater this year, and have figured out that I must invite people over more often to help me maintain neatness!  I have called and connected more often with my family and friends, but can definitely still get better at this!   I have made a point to be outside by letting Flanna hang out at the playground for a half hour or so whenever possible when I pick her up from school, and I've tried to breathe more deeply whenever I'm in the car.  My job has helped me meet #6, because I've had the opportunity to either present or attend continuing education courses regularly this year.  I also had surgery last January which encouraged us that I might be able to safely have another baby one day if we decide we want another little one.  

I didn't meet #2, but I think I'll keep working toward it in 2013.  

I think it's really interesting that the resolutions that were easiest to keep were ones that I could work into my normal routine without having to add anything special into my days.  (I often try to help teachers make changes in their teaching practices, and it's important for me to remember that if the activities I'm suggesting don't fit into their normal routine, it makes the change less likely to happen.) 

Now I'm brainstorming my 2013 resolutions.  I want to just focus on a few important ones this year, so I'm taking my time prioritizing them.  

What about you?  What are your 2013 resolutions?  I'd love to hear!

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