Friday, January 4, 2013

Be Unhurried

It's my birthday!  Flanna and I had sprinkles on our pancakes this morning to celebrate!  And cupcakes with dinner, yum!

And now I am trying to "be unhurried" as I get some reading done for work.  This job, and even this life, can get so busy sometimes that I feel like I am always catching up.  But some of that, I think, is in the way I frame it in my head, not so much in the reality of the situation.  Everyone has a lot to do.  We all do, no matter if we work full tim,e or stay home full time, or have kids, or are single without kids.  Life is just busy.  But that doesn't have to mean that I should make myself (or especially my little one!) feel hurried all the time. 

I think, "Be unhurried." is going to be my overall goal for the year.  It encompasses lots of things, from getting up earlier in the morning to help Flanna be unhurried on her way to school, to planning ahead better to make things run more smoothly so I'm not rushing around, to saying "no" to extra responsibilities and simplifying my life when I need to, to trying to maintain organization so I'm not searching for my cell phone as I head out the door so often.  I also want to be unhurried overall in life -- to try to help myself stop focusing on getting to the next thing in life, and to just enjoy the unique part of life we are living right now with all of its imperfections.

Because, really, hurrying just makes things more stressful.  I can work hard with a calm spirit, and chances are, I'll accomplish the same amount-- with a better quality of life along the way!

How can you make your days less hurried this year?

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