Thursday, August 25, 2011

I finally learned how to spell Winnona, and other things that make me feel at home

Flanna at Wynona Winnona Park -- Isn't she just the cutest tiny thing?
We've been in our new digs for almost a month now, and I only recently learned how to spell the name of our neighborhood.  I'd been writing Wynona Park.  Then I saw the street sign, the school sign, and the way one of my friends spelled Wynona on Facebook.  Apparently it's not Wynona, but Winnona Park. 

And this morning, I took Flannery to school (GPS-free!) using a shortcut that shaved 2 minutes off of our little commute, and I didn't get lost on the way!

Then, last week, we walked to the park a few times and met some neat neighbors and their dogs and kids, and watched a few community soccer games.

And yesterday, I was able to come home on my lunch break and let my dogs out for a little sun-basking time while I ate healthy food on the back deck.

So little by little, this new life is becoming more homey.  

The only thing left now is to unpack all our boxes!  It's awful, but our work schedules have been so hectic these past few weeks that we've gotten nothing done on the house during the week, and even though we feverishly unpack each weekend ALL weekend, we still have boxes stacked in the living room.  Sigh. 

Baby steps. 

But soon, very soon, I'm hoping to feel settled in, and then I promise I'll show off this sweet new little home. 

What project are you trying to complete?

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