Monday, August 29, 2011

Experience Nature

Today, I worked from home, and at lunch time, Flannery and I got to have a special picnic in the back yard.  The dogs came outside, too, and we all lazed around in the shade for a bit just feeling the breeze and munching on healthy food.  It was such a mood booster that it made me brainstorm ways to be outside more in my day-to-day work routine.
Anyway, we've had some really special times together outdoors this summer, and I wanted to share a few of those experiences so we don't forget them!  

We spent a day at the lake with my sister-in-law and Robi's brother, and we had such a great time!  Flannery got to "drive" the jet ski, and we were brave enough to go for a ride on the sea biscuit.   Robi's brother pulled us and was very gentle, and Flannery was so funny--she kept yelling, "Faster, Uncle Chris!"  (I was thinking just the opposite!)

Flannery's also gotten pretty brave at trying her hand at swimming this summer.  She's been swimming really independently with water wings, and has been brave enough to put her face under water a few times.  She's so proud of herself and her newfound comfort in the water!

We also went to Stone Mountain (where Robi and I got engaged 13 years ago!) with a big bunch of friends and family, and the girls got to run around and hear music and play with glow-sticks together.  Such fun to have all these cousins around!

Anytime we're outside together as a family, it's just automatically a pretty happy experience.  We can't wait for the weather to cool off so we can start thinking about camping!

What outdoor experiences bring you and your friends/family together?

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