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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Boring Things My Therapist has Said to Me

The notes feature on the iPhone is da bomb, BTW.
I try to keep a list on my phone of things my therapist says to me that are so boring that I can't believe she actually said it and got paid for saying it.  It's getting pretty long.

Here's what I have so far:

1.  Go outside for a few minutes each day.
2.  Remember what worked before.  Do that again.
3.  Lower your expectations for yourself.
4.  Leave some things un-done now and then.
5.  Take a walk whenever you can.
6.  Create something to look forward to.
7.  When you're anxious something bad will happen, tell yourself, "That's highly unlikely."
8.  Get some exercise.
9.  Put alone time on your calendar.
10.  Find a tiny step to take, and take it.
11. There are tiny pieces of your day that you have some control over.  Make them work for you.

On their own, these boring things don't seem amazing or helpful.  But I have to tell you, put to action, they are magic.

I am a big proponent of therapists.  Let's all use them preventatively, people!  I, for one, think my boring therapist is simply brilliant.

What about you?  What boring advice has been helpful to you in your life? 


  1. I don't think those comments are boring, they are just do-able. You're awesome, by the way. I miss your presence here at Ephesus!

  2. If not boring they do seem cliche. I am trying to think of things said in my Cognitive Behavior Therapy that are boring or silly. I suppose what has become a plea to get outside and get active has become greatly annoying. For the most part though I would say I have gotten really great advice that has sparked some change in my live. CBT isn't for everyone - great work and deadication is involved but the 12 session program has changed my life.

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  4. I need more TJ blogs! Love it!

  5. The only boring advice that helped me was to find a way to express myself instead of bottling everything up!