Sunday, September 8, 2013

Create Something

When I'm feeling overwhelmed, it always calms me down to take some time out to create something.  I think that's why blogging is so special to me--it's something I can create and put out into the world that is beautiful and interesting.

I remember one time during a particularly stressful exam week when I was a freshman in college, when I stayed up late into the night (when I should've been studying!) and painted flowers and vines on the side of my desk in our dorm room.  My BFF (and then college roommate) just laughed, because she knew me, and even though it was crazy, she knew it really did make me feel better to stop cramming my brain for a bit and just create something.

I think Flannery has that innate drive to create, as well.  She is happiest when she is absorbed completely into some art project, or is constructing a block city, or is setting up a neat scene with the stuffed animal in her room.  It's funny--I snapped these pics at different random times all week, and only once I was looking at them did I realize that my little bitty had been generating quite a bit of interesting and beautiful stuff this week!  What a gift.

Cutie Pops -- This is Flannery's invention.  It's a robot that starts out as a baby
and grows into a full sized adult robot.  Patent Pending.  :)

Flannery had been asking for a skateboard, and when I finally got her one, she didn't like
 the dragon on the bottom of it.  So she painted it.  Pretty cool.  

Loving the whimsical symmetry. 

This is what Flanna does while Robi watches UGA football.
The train city was pretty intricately constructed. 

Oh, and this last one just made me happy because I finally unpacked the
last box in our bedroom last weekend, yay!  :) 

What do you like to create (or bake, or design, or write, etc.) now and then?

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