Sunday, May 12, 2013

If You Give a Kid a Camera

If you give a kid a camera, she's going to want to take pictures of you.  But you won't have makeup on, and so you will try to hide behind your dad.  But he won't let you.  He will just open his mouth and pose for silly photos.  So you'll just have to grin and bear it.  
ready for my close-up! 
And then you'll look back at the pictures, and decide--who cares if you have on makeup or your hair is frizzy?  This is how your daughter sees you, right now.  And she loves you.  And she'll enjoy looking back at these photos one day and getting to see how you looked.  And she'll enjoy seeing how you looked at her --with such sparkle and fun and love-- when she was so wild and so carefree and so tiny.  

And so not only will you keep those goofy photos--you'll actually post them on your blog.  And those laugh lines and those crinkles around your eyes?  You will love how they look.  Because they were forged in joy and sweet memories.  

my fun mama!

being silly with my parents!

granddad and a helicopter

What picture of your parents or grandparents do you love from when you were a kid?  

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